Problems with Hype html not working with Android

So I've there have been in the past some updates/issues with apps using WebView on Android. See link here: What Is Android System WebView and Should You Uninstall It?
I'm currently dealing with a problem where my hype html is literally not showing in a recent Android app that I made. Could there be something wrong with my Hype File? See attached. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Coffee (915.0 KB)

  • The site you linked to doesn't seem to be loading, but based on the title, if you uninstalled the WebView... then... stuff that requires a WebView clearly would not show up :sweat_smile:

  • Does the Hype document work on Android using the typical android browser?

  • If you use a very simple "hello <b>world</b>" html file in your app, does that show up?

I'm not an android developer, but it is more likely that the problem lies in how you are doing the loading. I'd look at error and console logs to debug.