Problems with button

(Giovanni) #1

I have created some buttons to navigate in my presentation. Each button have 3 states. Now, when I navigate my multimedia application some button remain acive…what I wrong? I have not any script upon other. I have use simple a button elements of Hype…

The red state is relative to MOUSE OVER…but no mouse is over…


(Giovanni) #2

I forget…it is a Persistent Symbols that I use in all scenes.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Do you mind attaching a zip of your .hype document to take a closer look to see how it is set up?

(Giovanni) #4

Mhhh…it’s very hard send you a zip…the project is about 300mb. Can I send to you with WeTransfer?

(Pete) #5

300mb hype file? wow :open_mouth:

(Giovanni) #6

I was able to reduce the size of the file. Now is about 82mb :smiley:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

WeTransfer (or any other way) is fine!

(Giovanni) #8

No more problems…now is all ok!