Problems after copy scenes

Hello Tumult Team,

sorry, but your new hype professional, only make troubles. after copy scenes they loose all mouse-actions. with the last version of hype i don’t have this problems. what can i do. (844.2 KB)

How are you duplicating the scene? Are you copying from one document to another? I tested two methods that works correctly for me:

  1. When I select the scene and ctrl + click on it and select ‘Duplicate scene’ it copies mouse actions correctly.
  2. Also, when copying + pasting the scene from one document to another blank document, it seems to work as expected.

Very Strange…I make left click on the scene that i will copie and then i select duplicate scene. Any time ago, i had e problem with tumult 2.5, then i delete the application and re-load it vom appstore. Maybe i had to do this again?