Problem with new Firefox and Ads created in Hype - Popup blocked

Hi everybody.
I use hype to create Affiliate Ads. Everything worked fine for a long time, but the lastest releases of Firefox bringing a weird problem to my ads. Because of this my clients have problems publishing their ads in some networks.
I decided to start a fresh topic, because this could be interesting for others, using Hype to create ads.
The ads are build looking at the IAB standards (couldn’t find the guidelines on the english website, but here is my code):

Code in the HEAD
<script> var getUriParams = function() { var query_string = {} var query =; var parmsArray = query.split('&'); if(parmsArray.length <= 0) return query_string; for(var i = 0; i < parmsArray.length; i++) { var pair = parmsArray[i].split('='); var val = decodeURIComponent(pair[1]); if (val != '' && pair[0] != '') query_string[pair[0]] = val; } return query_string; }(); </script>
To run the script I created a rectangle on top of the banner with no filling and running this function on click:, '_blank');

This worked fine for a long time. The problem appearing in the neweste Firefox versions is: When you rightclick the ad, it also tries to open a window and gets blocked. The function is just needed on left mouse click.

Ideas to fix it:

  • check via javascript which button is clicked
  • remove the function from the rectangle, give it an id and build a script in the head that runs on click on the id.

I’m more the designer, than a programmer. Hope somebody can help me and we can create a solution, fitting everybody willing to build ads for affiliate networks.
best regards,

ps: hope my english is not too bad

I think I fixed it.
Testing is going well so far. As soon I have the confirmation, I will write an update.

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