Problem with images and sounds not showing up

I made this game a while back. I haven’t experienced any problems until recently when I made some minor changes (all within the parameters of Hype), and now, some of the images don’t show up. For instance, the stars that move in the background (see image below). Also, sounds as well. There should be a theme song when you first load the game and on all the levels.

Here is the website:

Here is the only external CSS file I used (it was messing up the editor when it was put directly into the Head HTML):

Here is the hype dock:

a lot of files (images and audio) respond with 403 (forbidden) …

Good call. Fixed the files through FTP, but why are some files being exported as not readable to the world? They weren’t that way before. Is this a Hype issue?

Regardless, is there a way to edit the permissions of the files within Hype so I don’t have to re-upload every file?

Hype doesn’t change file permissions.

You can fix permissions of files contained in a Hype document by:

  1. Quit Hype
  2. Open /Applications/Utilities/
  3. Type chmod -R 755 (leave a space at the end, do not hit return)
  4. Drag your .hype document into the terminal window
  5. Hit return

Now when you export it should result in the correct files unless there’s something after-the-fact changing them.

Awesome, thank you Jonathan!