Problem w/Main Timeline Animation Not Resuming

I’m having an issue where I have on the main timeline, an inline video showing a bird flying over water with a disappearing/reappearing speech bubble animation happening on top of it. I have an additional video that is triggered when I tap on the top left icon which is displayed as a “molecule icon”. When the second video starts, its shows a coffee cup with the sea inside it. This videos play on top of the inline video. The problem is that the speech bubble animation from the main timeline is now interrupting by popping up on top of the coffee video. I’ve tried many ways to get it to disappear by having the main timeline go to pause when tapping the molecule icon to trigger the coffee video. The problem is that when I tap the arrow icon at the top left to resume the main timeline inline video- the speech bubble animation does not resume or restart even though the flying bird video does resume.
How do I solve this issue where I can get the mainline timeline along with its respective animation to resume after closing the 2nd video?
I’ve attached link to the doc on google drive. Any help would be much appreciated!

It looks like the main timeline, which is only responsible for showing the cloud, continues to animate as the sea ad is revealed. You could instead pause the main timeline and go to a point where it is not shown. Then when closing the ad, you can have that click action continue the main timeline.

You could also just pause the timeline where it is, and then trigger a new relative timeline that is set to fade the cloud out to make sure it is smooth wherever it is.

I had thought of suggesting just hiding it via the display property, but you are already using this. A similar suggestion would be to have the sea ad timeline animate the cloud to some location off the scene, and then bring it back when dismissed.


Thanks for your detailed response. So I went with something similar to the last option you mentioned. However, now I’m dealing with the issue where when I close the sea ad, the timing between the turtle video and the speech bubble is off. These two are always in sync if the speech ad is not activated at all. So how do I get the speech bubble and the turtle video to restart correctly after closing the sea ad? Here is the updated the link to the hype doc showing my issue.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


It looks like the solution you came up with was on the “sea ad” timeline to reduce the scale of the “cloud” element to 0% and then when going back grow it to its original size?

I’m not sure why this would have changed how things are synced up.

But at the same time, I would not have expected things to have been synced up before! Note that Hype will only kick off video based on the video track placement; beyond that it doesn’t do anything to sync a video element with a timeline.

There’s forum posts here that have various techniques to sync video with timelines, but I think the easiest solution for you might be to have your sea ad dismissal do two different actions:

  1. Use a Go to Time in Timeline to set the Main Timeline back to 0:00.00.
  2. Use a little bit of javascript to tell the video to go to 0 seconds

You would do step two by giving the video a Unique Element ID in the Identity Inspector (for example, turtlevideo). And then make a Run JavaScript action with code like:

hypeDocument.getElementById("turtlevideo").currentTime = 0;

I hope that points you in the right direction!

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Thanks for your help! Your solution worked very effectively!

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Something else… After pressing on each of the coffee cups, the coffee evaporates followed by the cups disappearing. All of the coffee must be activated in order for the cups to disappear.
If I then activate the sea ad and then close it out the empty cups are reappearing for some reason.
Normally the cups disappear after activating the coffee. However, in this case, the cups are reappearing after the sea ad is closed out. How to get the cups to remain gone? See updated link:

The cups are animated to appear via an animation on the main timeline, and closing the sea ad close button sets the main timeline to 0:00.00 and starts it.

Therefore a fix would be to not have the cups animate in on the main timeline. The quickest route is adding an On Scene Load action which is set to play a new timeline that only fades in the cups. (And then delete the animation on the main timeline).