Problem getting Wordpress plugin to work

My project isn’t showing up on my WordPress site. I’ve been trying to work through various settings based on the video tutorial, but still stuck.

In Hype, For the scene size, I have the width scale set to 100% and have left the Height scale unchecked. I believe that is correct?

I’m wondering what I’ve forgotten or done wrong?

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That’s odd – the page is trying to load:

If you go to your Wordpress Dashboard, then click on ‘General’ what is the ‘Site Address (URL)’ for your page? It should be

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The site address is:

I tried deleting the .oam file and uploading a new one, but I get the same result. The page won’t load.

If you have any other ideas, le me know :slight_smile:



The hype generated js file for

Seems to have been edited to point to


Note the extra underscore before the https.

Taking it out the url still cannot be found…

It appears that even if we iterate over urls that would show the index.html file generated by hypeanimations…


and so on, no animations can be found.

DO you actually have any up?

This is the first Hype project I’ve tried loading. I deleted it once, and tried again. I haven’t done any customization, just walked through the video how-to, generating the oam file, and then using the Wordpress plugin to upload the file and generate the short code.

I’d be happy to take a look at why this isn’t working. Would you be able to share Wordpress login info with me? You can click ‘Message’ on my profile page here to send me a private message: Profile - Daniel - Tumult Forums

Thanks Daniel!
I’ll send you a message right now

ok, feeling even more stupid, but I don’t see a ‘message’ button on your profile page. I could message you on Twitter if you like or my email is willyurman at gmail dot com.


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It looks like this issue was due to exporting with a _ character in front of the export name (something the plugin should be able to handle).


Thanks for the help! That fixed the problem.