Priority boundary on rollover

Hi Folks,
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I wonder if anyone can help me please?

I have two rollovers that are quite close together. With one above the other. I cant get to the 2nd rollover without activating the top items rollover. Does anyone know of any neat tricks I can use to avoid this?

I guess Im asking the impossible as it would involve Hype having a level of extra sensory perception lol…but you never know so thought I would pose the question?

Eg. can I set a priority or something alike? so the bottom item rolls over before top item???


Thanks in advance

Im sure there is a code but my memory i vague here

You could add to the On MouseOver/Out Action of the Top layer a timeline Action control so that it controls the Bottom layer rollover by having both rollovers work from a Timeline…

so on rollout, action the bottom layer timeline…sounds like a good resolve. Ill give it a try. Thanks Mark. Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

I ended up resizing the text and boundary boxes for it to work better :slight_smile: