Preview in Browser fails after upload

I have a document I worked on a few months ago. It worked fine in Preview in Browser, and then after I uploaded it to my website. The website is a WP template/theme, with a blank page for the Hype document.

Now, when I preview the document in my browser, it works fine. But when I upload it to the website, the buttons are too small, and an internal .html link fails.

Is there something I can check to help me track down the cause of this error? Is there something that can happen after upgrading a theme?


Did you try loading the developer tools in the browser? There might be an error that can help you track down the problem.


Thanks for the quick reply. And I just noticed you have your book available. I am getting a copy, and look forward to it!

As to your suggestion, I have the developer menu in Safari. I emptied the cache, reloaded, and still the same issue. I tried opening the web page in Firefox, same issue.

I am not a developer, so not sure what tools to use. I have not had this issue before. The project looks great in Safari when I preview it, so not sure what is happening when I upload it and view it in Safari for real.


Well, you can right-click a webpage (command+click) and select “Inspect Element”. That should make the developer tools appear. It looks like this…

Apparently, this site was having trouble while I was taking a screenshot. There were 10 errors. Do you see anything in red like that? If so, that might be related to the problem.