Prep for Ad campaign

I am prepping a set of rich media ads for a TV chain. They have a number of specifications that I need to get sorted:

One item – SSL Compliance:
“In order to run on secure inventory all network calls from the ad must be secure. This includes all links to images, fonts, stylesheets, Javascript, and any calls made from Javascript code.”

As everything has relative links to the resource folder, I’m wondering if this is a problem and if so, what the solution might be.

I am attaching a copy of the spec sheet


HTML 5 (1014.0 KB):

As long as your original generated JS file is located on a server that support https (and you reference the JS file using the https:// protocol), all other assets will be loaded using the same protocol.

A very cheap and easy way to get this type of support is to use Amazon’s S3 service, which supports https with zero configuration. Here’s how to host a static website on Amazon S3:

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Thanks, Daniel.

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