Points accumulation techniques? (Counting a score)

test-2.hype.zip (584.2 KB)


Also Jonathan Deutsch made this launcher some time back I tried to add it to the mix but it canceled out some things in the work Hans did.
But this is a nice add for everyone. Pull back on the ball to launch it.

if(event['hypeGesturePhase'] == hypeDocument.kHypeGesturePhaseEnd) {
	hypeDocument.startTimelineNamed('Launch', hypeDocument.kDirectionForward)

bagatelle-with-launcher.hype.zip (338.2 KB)


For the Frosty game check out the launcher on the 24th post of this thread.
It might make the snowballs have some zip to them :smile:


What am I doing wrong here?
I wanted to apply the e-smart hittest to this pinball device.
I basically layer the images to create the illusion of a bucket where the ball can fall.
I changed the class id’s to match what seem to be the 3 key elements in the example.
The score mechanism which is a transparent rectangle behind the sore bucket_bottom
The ball and the score window.

Yet I am not recording any hits. ideas?
pinball_bucket.hype.zip (269.0 KB)

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pinball_bucket.hype.zip (217.6 KB)

few things where messed up :wink:


Thanks for looking at this I knew I was not Getting the whole picture :slight_smile:


Nick Gressle Illustrations LLChttp://www.gressle.com/go

This is a bit of a tricky one - Hype text boxes have two modes, one where they expand to fit the text and another using explicit dimensions. Text boxes are made to fit (so when you type in them they grow), but if you ever change the width, they'll become explicit and always be that size.

In your case, the "Hits" is sized to fit, and the Count text box is explicit, as I assume you manually adjusted that size to fit. The Hits is then changing size in different browsers because the font rendering metrics are different (in fact, Hype will add a pixel extra to account for differences between retina/non-retina screen renderings. So I'd classify this as a bug, but the solution on our part isn't so straight forward since we do want text fields to grow/shrink for rendering differences.

The workaround for you though is to just manually resize the Hits box and this will make sure it is in the explicit mode.

Beautiful candy cane paddles!

I'm so amazed by all the great physics-based experiments and documents, absolutely great stuff!

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Still struggling with this one.
When I try to copy into a new hype document it will not work.
I have been able to adjust the counter to count by 3000 etc but it seems to only work with the original document.
If I try to create a new document and rewrite everything I get the same result no hit count.
Would you be able to explain how the collision passes to the text field and is it only a Hype text filed or is it a n inner html field?


Hi Nick,

  1. in your setup every ‘buffer’ has to have a unique ID ‘buffer1’, ‘buffer2’, … AND a class ‘buffer’
  2. ID for the ball = ‘ball’
  3. start the script on sceneload. it’ll start a mutationObserver which records the domchanges of the ‘ball’ in arrays. every arrayelement will contain a ‘outerHTML’ which represents a status of the ball at a given moment in the past -> not the actual status
  4. As we use ‘e-smart-hittest’ it can only check against a dom-object. so we create a new (static) element using the received ‘outerHTML’ (3.). Append it to the ‘ball’'s parent. Now we check this element against all buffers … finally remove it. And so on …

Textfield is any Element with given ID = ‘res’

As hype may change its setup (wrapping of elements) in the future, you’ve got to take care of this.

Nice day :smile:

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Thank you so much!
That makes more sense and I got it to work!
Have a great weekend!


first try to build a leaderboard. fighting some logical issues :wink: and guess cacheprobs …
pimp the pinball :slight_smile:
play as guest or with own nickname.

Hope it’ll work, i’m not that sure :smile:



Greatness Hans, it is a little hard to read the Hall of Fame scores, the font size is a bit small for my eyes.

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This is awesome!!
Now wrap it up in an Xcode webUI and send it to the app store :smile:

pretty well played greg :wink:

I was looking in the former forums and found that they have a way for global variables that can be run by "The window object is a global object shared by all Javascripts running
on a page and thus can be used to hold information needed across more
than one Hype scene. " Ryan Nielsen

link: http://hype.desk.com/customer/portal/questions/315362-global-variables

I did this VERY simple thing that memorize the score into the next scene using “window”. The question, is that whenever you add a new scene the you need to change the element id
ScoreIncrease_experience_V1.zip (28.0 KB)

Best. António

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Hi guys,

I’ve been using the pinball examples in this thread and was wondering if I could turn the pinball idea around. So I have some blocks falling from the sky and a ball that you can send left or right and try to avoid the blocks. A hit with a block would be a point.

Obviously I have to decrease the scoring, so when you have no points left -> Game over. Also I need to set different speeds and randomness to the blocks. Working in progress :slight_smile:

Anyway, when implementing the watchforHit() function I keep running in to this browser console statement:

2HYPE-584.full.min.js: 110 Error in undefined: TypeError: g is not a function

Anyone can help me to shine a light on this?

Oh, graphics aren’t really in place yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Game.hype.zip (49.7 KB)

Looks like this might be the result of a bug; I’m not sure what lead to this state though.

You can get rid of the error by going through all the elements and looking at the Actions Inspector. Several of them have On Enter Viewport actions that are set to Run JavaScript, but the script value is “none”. If you pop open the Run JavaScript menu and choose “Remove” to get rid of the action for all these elements the issue will go away.

Hype should be more resilient to this case.

I just thought that was standard :slight_smile:

I can confirm it will be an action that runs "none" javascript. Makes it a pain if you have a large document with many actions.

It is... I think it might be limited to the viewport actions or perhaps there was something specific about the state in the document that lead to this condition - I have more investigating to do.

Hah, I had been getting that of late , in particularlly when I copied a scene or symbol from one project to another. If it originally had an on scene/symbol load Run Javascript function and the function was not actually in the new project I get the error. Took me a while to figure it out.. thought I was going nuts because in some case I did not have any functions running. As soon as I removed the action. All worked..

I am sure this is a new bug.