Png's getting cropped

After loading fine for 2 years, some of my animating png's have begun to crop portions of images.
These are just background animations for a personal site.

No hurry - this is just for fun and personal learning.
thanks - Bob Millea

Great gears! It looks like your zoom level in your web browser is 110% -- if you set your zoom level back to 100% does this fix the issue? Also, what version / browser are you seeing this in?

Daniel - thanks for responding.
I set the zoom level back to 100% and the problem remained...but I was viewing it in Firefox.

I checked it in Chrome and Safari, and the png's look great, so the problem seems to be with Firefox.
I'm sorry I didn't think of this sooner. The fact that these animations worked fine for a couple years, and then "broke" makes me assume it is a flaw in Firefox. Thanks again - Bob

Firefox 89 looks fine on my system

Ditto @MaxZieb - Firefox 89.0.1 looks good

Given other folks (as well as myself!) don't see this, it would probably be useful to know:

  • What version of Firefox you are running
  • If it looks the same in a private window/with all extensions disabled
  • What version of macOS you are running
  • What model of mac and graphics card(s) you have

I'd also be curious:

  • If this happens when previewing a .hype document direct from the browser
  • If it reproduces with an export/preview from the latest Hype v4.1.7

I should note that we've definitely seen rendering issues like this happen over the course of Hype's life, so usually getting to a reproducible case lets us give workarounds, possible fixes, or report possible bugs against the browser. So it's likely this might not be a "just you" issue and we're happy to dive into it!

Jonathan - thank you for your response.
This is a personal site, done just for fun, so this is not an emergency.

As Daniel pointed out, the problem was only in Firefox, and even there had just recently begun after working properly for two years. I suspect the sheer size and complexity of the animations were probably causing the cropping. It seems to only occur with revolving items - gears, wheels, etc.

If others don't see it, it probably is my aging Imac.

Here is some of what you asked.

Firefox - 91.0.1 (64-bit)

macOS Sierra version 10.12.6

Please, no need to spend more time on this. You have more important things to do.
Thank you and the other respondents for your time.
Bob Millea

Windows 7 virtual machine different Firefox browser

I did one last try on a mac os x 10.12 VM and also couldn't hit... It does look like it might be pretty localized - if you see other issues do let us know! :slight_smile:

Caching problem? What happens when the project is opened in a private window?

Max -

thank you for all the time you have put into this.
Others have deduced, and I tend to agree, that this is a localized problem unique to my own Imac and my Firefox. The images still work on other browsers just fine.
Thanks again
Bob Millea

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