Plugging in data to a site

For a school special education program.

This would be or training purposes only, it would be online, but not actually connected to any real bank accounts.

Students would use it as if it were a real bank account with deposits, withdrawals, not too worried about reconciliations.

I have no experience in the process of plugging in data to a site.

I have this same request on the Rapid Weaver Forum, but it is a much smaller, less active group.

To create an interface like this, you would need to handle a lot of forms, data validation, calculations, and a great deal of logic for handling rows of financial data. While Hype may be helpful for creating an interface for some parts of this, if you’re actually working with data input and a lot of financial logic, the majority of this work will need to be done in HTML and JavaScript.

This tutorial shows some of the work involved with working on numbers for display on the web:

Thanks, Daniel. I thought that was probably the case, but I will look at it. There may be something in the large library of Rapid Weaver Stacks.

I was just curious if someone here had some previous experience in this kind of thing. One of those projects that’s out of my area, but could lead to other things.

It may be time to start looking into Javascript since the subject comes up often.

Thanks for the quick reply.

This actually the perfect application for Vue.js … as it is reactive and runs from a single data source. If it’s more about data and not animation this would be my suggestion.


Also is this data going to be stored, temporary ( only per session until page is closed or reloaded), stored on local Machine only ( users machine), stored on a sever and available from many machines.

Thanks guys, I never thought it would be anything that Hype could do, no plans for animation, but I was sure there would be someone here who would have an idea!