Please someone help me animate a driving car to stop and then resume

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I simply want to drive a car in the middle of the scene, pause, stop for about 4 seconds and then continue driving off the scene. I have been trying to figure out this for 2 years. I am to the end. Please help ASAP…



Hi Tyrone, @tymax

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Do you have your assets? The pics of the car? Perhaps the hype file can you share? If it’s sensitive you can PM me

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Yes Sir… Here it is…


This is an example of some things you can do just using timelines.

(May want to work on your wheel image) (1.3 MB)

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Lol-LMBO about the wheels, will do… However, i am still at a lost as to “How” to do your example/ Hype has had me baffled since I first got it…

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Im not slow, and won’t be a pain, lol… but there is no message you-when I click your picture. I wanted let you know if you could do a short 1 minute instructional video on how to stop then start the cars I could send you a paypal payment.


Just PM’d you

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There are many different ways one could accomplish this, but the easiest is probably through the use of a secondary timeline that can control resuming the main timeline. This would be done through timeline actions. Here’s more info from our docs on these two concepts:

The basic steps would be:

  1. Add a timeline action on your main timeline that is set to pause the Main Timeline
  2. On that timeline action, hit the “+” button to chain another action
  3. This action should be set to Start Timeline… and choose New Timeline…
  4. You’ll be prompted to create a new timeline, afterwards the timeline selector will be switched to this new timeline
  5. Add a new timeline action at 4 seconds (or whenever you’d like to resume playing) and set this to ‘Continue Timeline’ with the Main Timeline selected


I did something similar a while back. I had the wheels running on one timeline that was paused and resumed simultaneously with the motion of the vehicle.

To make the wheels look more realistic, I created a png as a static highlight on the wheel and tire, and locked it to the wheel but without rotation.

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Check out this youtube video. I did several frames using this technique and it worked great.

Good luck

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