Please add more properties to setElementProperty

@jonathan Please add more properties to kPublicPropertyMapping. At least the basics and potential CSS dash properties. As always only a suggestion!

HI MAX - what would be this in plain English?

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Meaning that the runtime got an mapping from the internal animation engine to the API that is exposed to the public. Internally the engine can animate everything and the mentioned map exposes the attributes Hype chooses to expose. Potentially nearly every attribute you can see in the timeline properties could be public. Only thing as internally the properties use shortcuts the map would increase the size of the runtime but a few new basics shouldn’t be a problem. At least in my personal opinion as a regular user/citizen!


Hab' Dank @MaxZieb

OK, I hope this is also somehow addressing my initial challenge:

Thanks for the request! (you’re right about the basic tradeoff in runtime size is mainly why they are limited, but there are some ways we could mitigate this)

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