Play sound on timeline stop


is there a way to play sound on a timeline stop?
I know that sound will not play by itself in iOS and Safari but we need to play a sound wenn a picture is zoomed in.

Thanx Andreas

I’d say link it to the button that makes the zoom, if there is one.

I uses the picture "an click" zoom in and play the sound. Thats working fine.

If i click the picture again to zoom out the sound will be played again, because of the "on click" action. ;(

When the picture ist zoom in i will play a sound.

Maybe good idea to post an example.

use the sound on a transparent image overlay. first klick - play sound - transparent image: display:none; second klick on orig. image (without sound) zoom out - loads transparent image again.
or make a symbol-switcher, which jumps to another empty frame in symbol-timeline

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This is what Strmiska means I think.

click sound (53.5 KB)


perfect - thank you!

Great i will test it this way. :wink: