Play a video just by clicking on it

Hi to everyone!

I’m new to Hype and I have this issue… I want to be able to play and pause a video without any buttons or commands. I want the video to be played just by clicking on it, then paused the same way. I guess I’ll need a little bit of Java.

I have to add that there’s gonna be more than one video in the same scene.

Here the file in question. (1.8 MB)


set this onclick or touchstart for every hypevideoelement

    var dataPlay = element.getAttribute("data-play");
    if(dataPlay === null || dataPlay === '1'){ 
    element.setAttribute("data-play", '0');;
    element.setAttribute("data-play", '1');

though not tested, but should work …

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Thank you so much! That is working like a charm. It feels a little bit like magic :wink:.

Result :