Pinch zoom for iBooks widget

I have a Hype project that I’m exporting as an iBooks widget. The problem is that iBooks ignores the “user scaling”. I’ve tried a jQuery plugin called “panzoom”, and it partially worked. The pinch zoom works with the plugin, but the swipe action (jump to next scene) is ignored. Any suggestions?

Can you share a sample so I can see how you have this setup? iBooks overrides the pinch gesture since that is used to close the widget, and it sounds like pan zoom restores this to control the viewport zoom. I can see how this might affect the drag gesture Hype requires to handle scene transitions.

Hi Daniel,

I found a workaround by adding previous/next buttons for the scene navigation and using “jquery.panzoom.js”.Flip book template v1.2 (4 pages) portrait (519.8 KB)

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