Photo Dot Navigation Slider

Hello! I’m looking to make a simple dot nav slider within Hype. 3 dots. 3 panels. I’d also like to add a small animation to each button dot (to highlight it) as the panel comes into view. Finally, when you open the scene, the panels should be sliding automatically on a timer. When the user presses one, it slides to that panel, then holds. After sitting idle for a period of time, it continues on.

Any thoughts/direction/help would be sincerely appreciated. Attached files shows rough concept of motion. Thank you. (14.4 KB)

this can be useful to understand the logic of image transitinon

Thanks. Good info and well put together. The drag is super nice.

I found this link in the forums, and it’s provided some great help in making this come to life. I’m working through it all and will post something when it’s working correctly.