Pause timeline and jump to scene

After the animation has completed I would like the document to pause and then automatically move to the next scene.

Please could somebody direct me to how to do this or explain?


(I’ve moved this to a new topic since it did not look like it was related to line drawing)

To jump to a different scene at a specific time, you can use a Timeline Action with the Jump to Scene action. This can be put at any time on a timeline, so you could put in some seconds after your last animation which would effectively appear as a pause.

(You can also have Timeline actions that pause the timeline, but it does not look like that is what you need in this case - and if you paused the timeline you’d need to trigger an alternative timeline with the jump to scene action, otherwise it would be forever paused!)

Thank you :slight_smile:

My query was with regard to how to do it as a part of the line drawing code ie. A snippet to pause the timeline and move to a scene as part of the script rather than on the timeline.

I’ve done a workaround now so not to worry but thanks anyway.

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