Paste a scene with audio and any functions

Hi, first question so be gentle!

I am copying and pasting scenes into hype documents and on the whole everything works fine except for the audio files and any associated functions (I use a basic function to stop audio).

Any suggestions as to how to take a scene and all of its functionality and put into another document? I tried using a scene exported as a symbol but same result.

I'm trying to speed up course development by reusing scenes from other courses.

Thank you.


Hype should keep track of what audio to copy over if it is using the built-in Play Sound/Stop Sound actions. Likewise, functions should be copied over if they use the "Run JavaScript…" action directly. If you are using these mechanisms and it isn't working, feel free to post (or DM me) a zip of your .hype document along with what scene you are attempting to copy and any details on how you are reproducing it not working like this.

Otherwise if you are using your own audio code and something like a .js file which has your functions, you'll need to copy that manually. If it is common, a trick would be to make a starting template (via the File > Save Template…) menu, and then opening that will make a new untitled document, but with all your helpers/audio.

Thank you for the reply. I have got the audio to copy fine now, it seemed to be an issue of referencing the audio instead adding it through the standard insert - taking it out and adding it in and all was fine. However the function, which is being called using the "Run Javascript..." action on scene unload is not coming across - I will dm you a zip.

Thank you for the aid :slight_smile:

Ah, you are correct about the JavaScript... I missed it initially but that is on our annoying things about Hype to fix list. No need to send files; thanks!

Ah, ok — not a big issue but it is better now that I know.

Thanks again and good luck with that list :slight_smile:

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