Overlay for overview

Hi folks, once again :grinning:

is it possible to create an overlay in Hype? In PubCoder there is this feature.
I want to create an overview of my scenes. So when I click the overview button it starts the timeline of overlay-animation wich shows all the scene as a thumbnail. I want this overview button in every scene. At the moment I copy the overlay timeline manually, but there must be a better way I believe.


There is no automatic function todo this. You can build a fake version inside a symbol. This was a missed opportunity when the Poster image function was implemented. I wanted to be on a per scene basis bound to scene markers but it is sadly bound to dimensions of the poster and has no time index. It would have been perfect for to generate thumbs for such a feature.

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To expand on this, you'd probably want to use specifically a persistent symbol.

It is true that the poster images won't help too much in an automated fashion. Another extreme hack might be that you could build each scene within a normal symbol, and then also include a scaled down version of that normal symbol in the persistent symbol overlay. However this could very easily lead to performance problems if the scenes are complicated, since you would literally have duplicates of every scene on each scene :slight_smile:.