Overlay animation if inactive


i would like to have the following functions:

  • detects user inactivity and in case of inactivity brings the animation back to start.
  • while inactivity is detected have a animation running as overlay and in case of activity has to be faded out.

How can this be done?

Thanks for any help!

kind of a timer¿

the very simplest solution without any scripting:
create a timeline with an action at the timestamp that you'll define as inactive ... say 60 seconds. this action will rerun your animations.

add an action to every interactive-element your hypedoc covers which will restart the above mentioned timeline


another result from a forumsearch: https://forums.tumult.com/t/return-to-a-specific-scene-after-some-minutes-without-interaction/12937

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Hi and thanks.

Your link is not working and i could not find it in the search.

the link works for me ...¿!
another one: Change scenes via timeout - #9 by h_classen

may be search for kiosk app in the forum is a good advice

though, the described timelineapproach should be the easiest :slight_smile: