Osx Ventura / Hype crash by start

Help, im having troubles...

(After installing Ventura, I had the mention to install something, I thought something with code..I clicked it and Hype was running...)

But now after a week...hype had crashed..
and continually I get the same message "the folder "Resources doesn't exist"

I can't work on Hype anymore... ;-(

Ik think the last reinstall worked...
but I think older hype extensions are still on the system

The error message of "The folder “Resources” doesn‘t exist" indicates that the app is trying to open a .hype document, but for some reason the interior structure of the file does not contain its resources. Basically the document has gotten corrupt in some way. The most likely case is that there was some sort of sync error when using cloud storage, but there can be many other causes.

You are probably seeing this on launch as the app is trying to open documents that had been previously open.

It sounds like you're in good shape now though?

Regardless, I do not see any submitted crash logs in our system that I think can be attributed to you recently. Did you hit "Submit Crash Log" to send it to us?

Since we didn't get it, can you please send an email to support@tumult.com with the crash log files via:

  1. In the Finder, hold down option and choose the "Go > Library" menu item
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ and send us any files beginning with Hype


Okay, im allright now, but the next time I send it..

another thing what I noticed...Hype is a little slow or delayed..
when I transform it, I see after a few seconds the change in my view/screen...

is that also by Ventura?

There are not any known performance differences between Ventura and Monterey.

In the past, I have noticed that a lag between elements moving vs. their selection halo can be caused by background processes on the computer consuming CPU resources. You may want to look at activity monitor and show All Processes not-hierarchically and sort by CPU to see if there's anything.

It'd also be useful to know what computer/CPU you have and get copy of your .hype document, along with a video (perhaps taken with a phone to not disturb the computer) to see what is happening.

here is a diagnostic log

and here a screen movie

I've got a 3,6 ghz 8-core intel core i9 with 40gb ram

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Could you share your full Hype document with us privately using Help > Report an Issue? When you do so, please also ensure that the "Send logs, preferences, and system information" checkbox is checked.

Oh wow, that is different than I would have expected. Like @Daniel asked, can you please send the document and logs via the in-app reporter? Thanks!

Sorry, I was outdoors...but just did it

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I know...not the best solution, but you tried "Open With Rosetta"?

never tried, but can try, thanks!

I don't recommend opening with Rosetta. It looks like you didn't attach your Hype document...

o sorry, is just the .hype doc enough?

Thanks for sending the document. We both took a look and couldn't reproduce the problem ourselves. About the most suspicious thing in the document is the snowfall javascript, but it doesn't even look like that would be active in the Hype environment so I'm not sure if that has the potential to cause issues. If Hype is still being slow, it'd be useful to collect a sample via these steps as well:

  1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app
  2. Search for "Hype" in the list of processes
  3. Click on the gear menu toolbar button and choose 'Sample Process'
  4. If Hype is still responsive, please quickly repeat any reproduction steps right now
  5. After the sample is taken, click the 'Save…' button in the upper-right of the window, and attach the file to this email

This would let us know exactly what Hype is doing at that moment that might be causing it to be slow.

I assume you are just working with a single document at a time?

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Oke thanks, when it happens again I follow your steps.
For now I try to work in 1 doc. it happens a lot, working with several hypes
..I don't use the snow anymore :wink: spring is coming

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