Open 1 project window into another project

I have a map that gets updated frequently. It now covers 3 years and the file has gotten too big. I am splitting each year into its own file but need to be able to switch from one year to another. Go to URL... does not work because if I load the html file for the year it is no longer responsive. The map in its current form is at Fire Sprinkler Saves Interactive Map – Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board

Any suggestions on how to load a different year into the same window would be appreciated.

Is there a way you can post a zip of your .hype document so we can see how it is currently setup? This might result in the lowest friction advise. Also to clarify - is the problem that the .hype document is too big for you to work with, or that the download for users is too big? (or... both?)

It sounds like you don't want to replace the page with a Go to URL… action; instead you might want to consider using an HTML Widget that's pointed at the specific year data. Being a widget though means that there might be a bit extra communication you need to do to properly display the sub-sections if each widget represents a year. This would require a bit of code.

For that matter, looking at the amount of data points you have and how this is essentially data driven, my first thought at this level of complexity would be to use a programming based solution that could look at your data and place all points at the appropriate spot (or at least show/hide them based on an ID/class name/html attribute mapping). That's not a super Hype-y solution, but you might be able to work in the visuals in Hype :slight_smile:.

Have a look Hype Data Magic and/or Hype Data Parser. I am not familiar with the setup of your project, but I think it could be a good fit. You would basically load the data from a Number CSV export file or Google Spreadsheet and populate the map and dropdowns with elements based on coordinates and data.

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