Opacity in different timelines

Hi there! I’m trying to switch between two different timelines in the same scene. In the main timeline I have a map with some information, and when clicking in a button, the second timeline shows a pop up above the map. To come back to the main timeline, I just click in the close button and it takes me to the main timeline. It seemed to be easy but I can’t achieve it.
When I change the opacity or the visuality option in the ‘POP’ timeline, it also changes in the main timeline.
I send the file so you can see it.
Can anybody help me?:pray:
Thanks a lot!
prueba_pop.hype.zip (1.2 MB)

When you create an animation on a timeline that effects the visibility or opacity of an element, and then switch to another timeline, the properties of that element will not change unless the timeline you switch to has keyframes that set visibility. So if you want to make sure that your elements on the ‘Main Timeline’ have both 100% opacity and are set to ‘Visible’ you’ll need to create keyframes that set that property if you have (on a different timeline) adjusted those properties. When you play a timeline, the current state of the element could have been adjusted in a different timeline.

One thing that will save you a bit of headache is if you use just opacity instead of combining the visibility option and the opacity option.