Only the first scene is exported as a gif

Hi guys,
I don’t know why but I can’t export more than one scene to gif. Can any one help me?



Did you add an action to move to the next scene?
Like in this sample, I can easily export as a gif which includes the 2 scenes (just check scene 1, main timeline, 2 seconds mark). (15.3 KB)

Thank you man! I didn’t Know that.

Hello, I can’t export multiple scenes (4) to one video or giph. It would only export the first one. Even-though i did the exact same thing in your file (add jump to next scene at the end of every scene). I have also tested your file and it worked.
Note that i can play all scenes back to back no problem in browser.

Please help!

Can you share your Hype document? If you’d prefer not to share in public, you can send it to us at

If you ever set a duration in the export field, it will also use that instead of a calculated value. So you may need to adjust the duration before exporting.

Thanks Jonathan, I tried to do that but it wouldn’t let me adjust the time. I restarted the app and the computer and it worked.

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In case anyone was trying to export only one scene that wasn’t the first scene (and I know this won’t work for everyone), but I just moved the scene that I wanted to export to the first position, and exported then, and that gets me only the scene I need!