One of the layouts is suddenly not working anymore


since yesterday one of my layouts is not working anymore. I worked on it through the day, saved and closed it and opened it again later. Then the problem appeared. In the preview on the left it just shows a white page, but if you click on the page all elements and timelines are still there. If you open it in the Browser, the elements are shown, but all of the animations don’t work anymore and the layout is messed up.

here is a link to the document:

Not sure what this might be caused by. You can go back to previous revisions by selecting File > Revert to and selecting a point in time where the layout was working as expected.

Or, if you have an export of your document, you can restore using Help > Restore Document from Export.

It seems similar to a thread posted recently where scenes seem to be showing up as blank randomly. Maybe … ?

There are various issues that may prevent the scene/layout thumbnail from displaying, but this is generally not related to it showing correctly on a browser preview/export. When I try your document in the 1200-1600px widths, it does appear to show up. Can you perhaps provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the export at those sizes and also what browser/os version you are using? It’d also be useful to see if there are any particular errors in the web developer console log.