One Hype makes others disappear in same html doc

I can’t seem to find the cause of my disappearing Hype graphics when all three are embedded on the same page. Each use a different filename and ID. There are a couple linked hype JS files for other behaviors, but removing them doesn’t appear to fix anything. Also, the two last hype graphics normally export with the following style, but it doesn’t appear to fix anything when I add it to the head:

  html {
  body {

I’m wondering if it is because of the shared hype resources all in the same folder. And I am wondering if I could delete HYPE-664.thin.min.js if HYPE-664.full.min.js contains everything Hype needs to run? It appears the first hype needs full, but the others need thin.

If you look at the attached demo, breaking the link in the first hype src link (hype/careheader_hype_generated_script.js?27752) will allow the other two to appear. (100.2 KB) (103.0 KB)

you’ve added hypedocuments that do not match the rules of the adaptlayoutscript… i’ve added an identifier to those who should be affected: data-adapt … and a short check in the script

may work now :slight_smile:

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Thank you, again! I didn’t suspect it was the layout script you wrote because the problem persisted even when I removed it from the page. Did I miss something in my debugging process?

i guess when you removed it, your initial problem of 0-Height came into place …