One-direction layout switching

(Trey Yancy) #1

I have a gallery with a floating gallery window for the two wider breakpoints and with responsive gallery images on the two smaller layouts. When test in Safari / desktop the layouts switch when making the windows smaller but when stretching out the window from that point, it does not recognize the larger breakpoints. I just scales up the smaller layout.

This is a routine document. No JS, just layouts, keyframes in the main timeline to dissolve between images, standard button actions, and a separate timeline to slide the menu in and out. The only unusual thing is that I have set each layout to trigger a timeline for an object to fade-in on scene load. Not sure where the one-way street thing came from, except it happened after I tweaked a scene load / run timeline action. (1.3 MB)


There was an action on layout unload for the 320px layout which started the reveal gallery title timeline which when removed stopped the problem I believe you were experiencing. :wink:


(Trey Yancy) #3

Thanks DBear! That was a stupid mistake on my part. I should never work on such things on less than a couple hours sleep.