One button for the desktop and at the same time double tap for touch devices and other problems


Hi, I’m doing an animation where the click on the floor of the House. The animation is supposed to work on the desktop and on the touch device. Here I encountered a problem. On the desktop I use Mouse Over, but on the touchscreen device runs after the Tap action. I need to touch the device did Tap on the “Info” display a preview and on the second tap action launched. The same animation with buttons 1 to 3. I don’t know how to solve this and I’m not a programmer. :frowning:

The second problem I have with the buttons, they created a different element than the Textrure Button. The rapid succession of clicks/tap, the animation runs in multiple timelines.

The third problem is with the button Info. When you press the button, and the animation is active, the button after the original pointer shall be carried out On Mouse Out. The button is hidden, and neither the shift button didn’t help.

Due to the slow speed of response buttons on the iPad, I Start from the original “Timeline”, had to use the “Go to Time in Timeline”. Therefore, the switch button on the iPad without the animation.

Information: the animation will be inserted on a Web page. (27.8 KB)

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #2

As you have discovered, you can’t use hover actions for anything tablet based, or that is likely to be run on a touchscreen. So that’ll be the first thing you need to eliminate from your code.

For navigation around, it might be worth considering loading the different information sections as new scenes, rather than trying to run it from one timeline. It’ll help you to group the different floor-plan pages into logical categories, and provide you with a lot more control over how animation is presented and run.


Thank you for the reply. :thumbsup: A more complex solution, but I hope it will work.

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #4

It is a bit more complicated, yes; but I think it’ll also be a lot more scalable with time - more manageable to work with, more capable of expansion, and less likely to cause headaches as the project evolves.

It’s very tempting, with a program like Hype, to just sit down and start doing things in a linear way. The disadvantage of that is sometimes, some things don’t lend themselves to a linear functional approach. The more complex your project becomes, the less value you’ll find in trying to run it from one timeline.