Object moving away from the mouse pointer

Hi everyone,
I wanted to know if it is possible to make an object move when the mouse pointer goes over it?
Imagine there is a pigeon on the screen, when the pointer approaches the pigeon moves away and flies and then returns when the mouse pointer moves away.
it’s possible to do it?

It depends fully on the behavior that you want, but if it is just to have the bird move away from an area when the mouse is in a fixed zone, and return when the mouse moves away from the fixed zone, this is pretty easy to setup.

You would basically:

  1. Create an alternate timeline that has the bird move away
  2. Create an empty or invisible element like an ellipse that represents the target area you want to avoid
  3. For that target area, add a mouse over action that continues the timeline
  4. Then add a mouse out action that continues that timeline in reverse


move-away.hype.zip (55.7 KB)

More sophisticated versions could use relative timelines for a different fly there and fly back path (you will need to use “start timeline” instead of continue), or have the target area itself move and perhaps some different places to go.

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It was just what I was looking for.
Thank you very much for your time!!!

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