Oam trouble Muse(b)


(davemez) #1

Good morning, been a long night, maybe i’m just tired )

Embedded oam not working, any similar news on this?

I’ll upload samples after i get a bit of sleep.

I think it may be due to a multi layout OAM file


Do you have an iframe loading external content (from a different domain) in that OAM file? This sounds like a cross-domain JavaScript error. You’re probably hitting this issue.

Might work when loaded from a live server (as opposed to locally) if you’re not doing that already.

(davemez) #3

Loading from live server subdomain with pointers i think, will check, thx

(davemez) #4

Daniel, your link is dead?


I fixed it: https://forums.adobe.com/message/6496180#236496180

(davemez) #6

oh boy. that’s a dead end. thanks anyway… HOWEVER. the last line of copy… LOWER CASE. seems to be giving hope!