Oam in Muse not working

(Michael) #1


I am exporting a simple .oam from Hype to Muse, ( as simple as < new text> for testing
as a more complex scene has the same problem),
in the Muse’ preview the text apprears in Safari and Chrome, but once exported
nothing appears on the screen. Browers stays white.
Any ideas how to fix this. Before my upgrade to High Sierra the same scene and export
from muse of a Tumult oam. worked fine.


Can you share your .oam file? If you’d prefer not to share publicly, you can send me a private message by clicking on my avatar.

(Michael) #3

hi daniel
thanks for you quick reply have sent you a dropbox link



For others hitting an issue when exporting a Muse document to their desktop and then loading it, this is not supported even with regular Muse document content. The best way to preview a Muse creation is to use the built-in ‘preview’ button in Muse, or to publish to Business Catalyst:

If you do export is as HTML, you’ll need to first place it on a web server to preview it due to how Muse structures their JavaScript functions – they don’t function when previewed on a local filesystem.