.oam files load slow

I’ve created a few simple animations and exported them as .oam files. I’m inserting them into Adobe Captivate 9. They work just fine in Captivate except that they load painfully slow. The .oam files are less than 1Mb in size. Is there any way to get them to load faster?


Are they being loaded from a web server or loaded directly from the device? Can you share your document?

They’re being loaded from a web server. Unfortunately these animations are considered confidential and I’m unable to share them.

By default, Hype will preload all images and only begin displaying your document after all images have been loaded. You can control this behavior on a per-image basis by disabling the Preload option that’s presented in your document’s Resource Library when an image is selected. This is likely what is delaying the time it takes to immediately show your document.