No reversed timelines


Please check whether there is really "reversed timelines " in “Download demo document”.

I think there are only main timeline, additional timelines , but No reversed timelines.

Maybe I am wrong.


There are two demo files. The first one the bridge is just a looped timeline. Further down you will see:

This demo document illustrates oscillating timelines and looped timelines.

This has both types.

Hi Alex!

Sometimes different settings can have the same effect. It is good to practice with the different timeline settings to get a full understanding of how they can work together (and apart).

The images below (Fig. 1 & Fig. 2) show the demo @MarkHunte linked to “Oil.hype”. Different settings yielded the same result.

Fig. 1 “Loop Oscillate” timeline (time “0.00”)
“Start Timeline…” used in place of the original “Continue Timeline…”
Note that the optional checkbox “Can restart timeline” disappears when using “Start Timeline”.

Fig. 2 “Loop Oscillate” timeline (time “2.00”)
“Can restart timeline…” unchecked in the “Adjusted Setting” version.

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