Newest update 3.6.0 (574): SVG updates & View Zoom

Thank you for the update Hype Team

When the new update happened a few minutes ago I was working on a project. I updated. Now when I update an element (svg image) into an existing rectangle within a scene it is not updating in Hype… Also before when I changed my view size it was reflected in all scenes, now I have to do that individually for all scenes.

Not sure what you mean by ‘within an existing rectangle’ – when you update a resource which is in the resource library, Hype will ask you if you want to update, regardless of where it is. If you paste the raw SVG code within a rectangle, it won’t be linked to an SVG file.

Individual zoom states (across layouts & scenes) seemed like the preferred method of controlling zoom in the document. This is especially useful for switching between mobile layouts and desktop layouts.

Hi Daniel,
thank you for the fast response,
The image snapshot you sent is the one I have always seen before and expect to see after I have made changes, but I am not getting that update dialog box,

While I respect your answer on zooming individual scenes it would be nice to have the option to do so. To me the other way is more efficient and less time consuming. :smile:

3.6.1 (576) is working fine,