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I am making a hype project to run off a USB Pen drive, I need to be able to hit a button and then a PDF file needs to open, can anyone advise me how to do this.

The pdf file will be on the USB Pen Drive, there will be no Internet connection



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Odd, I thought something like the following…

<a href="/${resourcesFolderName}/test.pdf">Test PDF</a>

…would work. I tested it out and it didn’t work. Even though the file was in the resource folder, it didn’t load. Although, I am tired, so maybe I just missed something.

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First add your pdf to the Resource Library and then @Photics is on the right track.

You are close, just remove the leading slash:

<a href="${resourcesFolderName}/test.pdf">Test PDF</a>


I tried with the slash and without. The PDF didn’t open. It was just a white page. So, I just tried it in Firefox. It said that it could not be displayed properly. I could download the PDF from Safari to the desktop with a right-click.

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Could you send me your Hype document so I can take a look? You can zip it up and drag it into a reply.


There’s really not much to it… (30.2 KB)

…but the PDF doesn’t load. Actually, right-clicking to download doesn’t work either…

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Thanks @Photics. The issue is that Hype is trying to optimize the resource and ends up exporting a png (test.png) instead of the pdf. If you select the pdf in the Resource Library and uncheck ‘Automatically optimize when exporting’ it should work correctly.


Thank you very much that works great