Newbie question - sizing for YouTube

I have just got Hype after using Director and Flash for years, so I’m fairly familiar with the concept of timeline animation. My main interest for using Hype is to create animated videos to upload to YouTube. I have done a search but I can’t find the answer to my first question, at what dimensions should I be creating these MP4s. I realise that using high resolution images is going to produce very large file sizes but YouTube accepts 4K videos and streams them just fine. Any guidelines? TIA

There is no universal rule that defines the size you should use your videos. The decision has to come from you with reference in the use of the video. For example: I recently did 4 animations for a college with HYPE. It was an online campaign about some courses. The client informed me that it would be for facebook and whatsapp and that it could be with smaller measures to not get great. (1920 x 1080 full HD, I could make a 780 x 420). Here is the main point … it has happened to me several times to do in smaller sizes as it comes in the briefing and then the client asks for it or complains that it is not with good resolution, why he decided to put on a television full HD. Based on this, I always make my animations in high, full HD or more and dpeois reduce the size with a good program that does this. (Adobe Premier). And so I do very well. I hope I have helped.

Sorry for my english, I do not speak very well and I do not write. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Gustavo. I have just done a test at 1920 x 1080 and it seems to work okay. I won’t bother with 4K. Joe

To ensure the amount of frames per second increases. You’re welcome!

To add more information, my recommendation is to use the “@1x” size (say 1920x1080) when building in Hype. If you’re on a retina display, the web view will still be retina and using double pixels. Then when you export to a medium where device and logical pixels are the same (like an mp4), you can change the size in the export panel to be double (3840x2160) and you’ll get all the pixels you saw while designing.

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