New Hype3 + Blocs built website - Wayne Thomas Experience Architecture.™


Being a fan of both, I asked if they could be combined to create a new experience for our now “dated” company website.

The developers suggested, and would love to listen, to any and all feedback the community has for them at version 0.7.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!


That can only happen if we knew the website address…:cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :grinning:

:sweat_smile: Thanks Mark

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FYI: The following warning appeared after clicking the link you provided (Safari 11.1):

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Got the same error Jim got. Safari & Chrome browsers

Theres something wrong with the url of the site everyone seems to be complaining about it. However, the thought of building a site with blocs and integrating Hype is one that I’m a big fan of.

Thanks for flagging this guys, much appreciated.

Got the guys to have a look into it, and the error was due to the SSL cert not being updated, should work like a dream.

Thanks again all!

Well it should be up and running now, let me know what you think of what they achieved.

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