New Companion Product wish…

OK I know I am asking for a lot with this but Wouldn’t it be great if Hype had a companion app for some real character animation.

I have messed around with some other animators outside of Adobe and one of the better simple traditional 2D animation software apps that unfortunately is not well supported is Pencil

Knowing HTML 5 animation is still growing having Pencil’s toolsets in Hype would be too much but a companion app from Tumult? Wish :wink:

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I’ve been playing around more with hand drawn animation myself and found most tools lacking in many different ways. I did think Toon Boom Harmony was pretty good when I last tried it, though didn’t fully match what I wanted as a workflow. So your wish may come true ( … but first Hype 4.0!).


I will gladly volunteer to Beta that one as well as Hype 4 of course


Ohhh :flushed: nice suggestion nowwouldntthatbegreat :heart_eyes:


Check out Motion Artist. It’s nothing I’m particularly interested in, but they have some good things going with it.

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That’s neat! Amazon has a comics creator as well for making e-comics.

Technically though you could do all of that in Hype.
Each Panel can be made from a Symbol that has it’s own animation and activates when the reader accesses the panel.
hmmmm Might be a nice template to create :slight_smile:

We would need to have freeform vector shapes and compound masksA texture generator would also be cool. Not looking for it anytime soon but it would be nice .