Need to add a Zoom and Pan function to my hype document, urgent deadline

Hi Guys, this is my first post on the forum but I have been a Hype user since it’s first release. I am now working with Hype 4 Pro.

I am currently creating an online interactive catalogue completely in hype for my client and it’s working beautifully so far! I am well into the build but still have a lot to do and release is scheduled for March 1st 2020. I have a major issue that I need to resolve, I have made the site responsive so that it adapts to any size window/screen and have also added in navigation functions a page menu and also a fullscreen toggle button which all works great.

My big issue now is that I need to create a zoom and pan option so that viewers can zoom in and out on any part of the screen and move screen around so they can read contents closer while either in full screen mode or not. I have some experience writing HTML but none with Java of which I only have very minor knowledge.

Like I say I really urgently need to resolve this as it is a vital requirement for the site.

Thanks in advance for any help.


It would help someone to help you if you post an example project.
So we can see the layout.

I don’t have anything online at the moment as I am testing locally, I will try to post example later today.


looks promising … lot of options to configure.


WOW!!! Just had a look at the demo and it is exactly what I need. I cannot thank you enough. I am going to post a sample of the site soon so you can take a look because I will probably need some guidance on how to add it to my site, but I think this is definitely the answer. Thanks again