Namings DIVs inside of Hype

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quick question I could not find on the forum:

If I would like to rename DIV in hype, due to a usage of an API where would I do this?

For instance, the video element in HTML would need to be named into: <ft-video> and not <video>.

API reference:

Maybe we could build a template so more people in Europe could use this template. Flashtalking (FT) is growing in the EU.

I usually use this to make the Hype banners work in the FT Ad-Servers:

<script src="//"></script>
    // Subload is dispatched from the JS templates when it is appropriate to begin loading larger resources. 
    // As per the IAB Display Creative Guidelines, this event is dispatched 
    // no sooner than one second after the host page's DOMContentLoaded event is dispatched.
    myFT.on('subload', function () {
            var script = document.createElement('script');
            script.src = '300x600_kiue_barbie_ft_sb.hyperesources/300x600kiuebarbieftsb_hype_generated_script.js';

<!-- rename the main div to ft-default--> <ft-default clicktag="1" id="300x600kiuebarbieftsb_hype_container" style="margin:auto;position:relative;width:100%;height:100%;overflow:hidden;"><!-- disable main hype script here --></ft-default>

Renaming isn’t possible as far as I know in HTML. You would have to create a new node and transfer all properties. Also, you might throw off the Hype runtime

You can always just add custom HTML including a Video container into an rectangle (actually a DIV) in the first place. In the IDE or by JavaScript.

Flashtalking is still a thing. In the old days I made ads with that dynamic content provider.

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I can't read that without having a flashtalking account it appears.

I'd be curious in how it works. If it performs replacements by parsing the text contents of the .html page or will do dynamic runtime replacement. I'm guessing it is just based on parsing which won't be too compatible with Hype since it builds up the DOM dynamically.

You could test a <ft-video> tag inside a Hype element and see how well that works? I'm guessing it won't...

Hype's runtime does use getElementsByTagName() a little bit; it isn't so fundamental that it could be changed to accommodate this in a future release. From looking at the code, here's what would currently break:

  • If you changed the main container's div name, you will not be able to load multiple identical hype animations on the same page. (a single one will still work just fine)
  • Videos will not pause or reset on scene changes
  • Running on IE 8 and below may break in unknown ways