Named timeline markers

It would be great to have timeline markers you could assign names to, and thereby giving you the ablity to use them in JavaScript, like:

hypeDocument.goToMarkerInTimelineNamed('introAnimationCompleted', 'timelineName');

[ x] Nice to Have
[ ] Important
[ ] Can't use Hype without it   <--- I feel as though checking this would just result in my account getting flagged under 'people who complain too much' :laughing:

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you can setup an object holding those keyed desttimes ...

const namedTimelineMarkers = {
"introAnimationCompleted" : yourDestTime,
"next" : ...

... could even extend it with timlinenames, symbolinstances ...


setup an labeld/named custombehavior whose action is to go to time in timeline named ...

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Thanks for the feedback! (This is called "labels" in other software and a pretty popular request for Hype).

We should really add this link to the template post page :rofl:.

But really, if there's something that's a blocker do let us know :slight_smile:.


great... just great... a Druish Princess...

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