My New Site done in Hype

(thejoepeach) #1

Hi there, we reworked this site, using some of your feedback and using new Hype Pro 3, fully loaded and optimized for PCs and Tablets, still working on the mobile version…

I am in love with Hype because it can do a lot to make your work easier and faster… really a cool tool and again, we need a component store, it will help a lot guys…

Hope you enjoy it…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Awesome! The sliding is very fluid effect. Are you doing it with scenes and have you thought about also adding on swipe handlers?

(thejoepeach) #3

I tried to add that efecto but since the site is a little tall and need to scroll down if i put a swipe it prevents from reaching the lower part of the site… maybe if there is a way to allow only lateral swipe while the scroll is not blocked ill do that

(Greg) #4

I enjoyed it, nicely done and a great color scheme.

(ilkka_kumpunen) #5

I have waited symbols-feature since I had to work a while with flash. Now this is a tool.
Here is my test sandbox:

Unfortunately its in Finnish, but it talks about importance of design in general.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Fantastic animation @ilkka_kumpunen!

(Jon) #7

Incredible site. I have only ever used hype as bits in a dreamweaver created website or bits in squarespace hosted website. Are you saying you did the ENTIRE site with HYPE alone? If so is there documentation on how host the framework of the hype created site and partition off into some different web pages? I’m thrilled at the possibility of learning how to make a site this fancy with hype alone

(thejoepeach) #8

hi @jonnyrunn Yeah all the site was made in HYpe, with little code aditions… Hype is really complete - is more competent that Edge and Muse togheter - so i never look back… it works in all scenarios i tried and almost is my first choice when made custom websites and Interactive iPad Apps…

Is so damn good that those both apps are made entirely in Hype - with some help from a Apple VR HTML5 element -

So no more adobe ever for Web… this is the ultimate tool and you will not need anything similar ever…


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Yes, really nice site ! I’m myself experimenting with parallax effects for a web site, with good results for now. More on that later, but one can have a look on a first try @:

If I may ask, what render engine did u use for the One Small World illustrations ? Those are amazing ! It just get you on dreaming…

(james koh) #12

@reboltof I have looked at your website. And loved the way how it changes scenes.
I think it will be much nicer
if you can press on tel button to have call action and email button to have on click action to open email window.
If you dont know how to code. There are plenty people to help you here.


Thanks for your suggestion James !

I will adapt it soon :wink: