My First Large Scale Hype Project

This is a Project I am working on. Its still a little buggy. I am using mostly Timelines for the animation. I use Javascript to control the animations with the Icons on the bottom. I am not finished as of yet but would love to get feedback on how i could possible improve some things.

The Main action takes place in a symbol called City. Thats where all of my sliding timelines are. Inside the Symbol “City” there is a Symbol called “Landscape” that houses a lot of the other animations like the Planes, Trains and Clouds.

I will listen to all feedback and i realize there are ways this could have been better accomplished. This is my first attempt at something like this so be nice and dont beat me up lol.

Here is a link to View without Downloading the Document. Alphabet Test Link (2.0 MB)

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Very good!


I would slow down the circle animations, they are to ‘jumpy’ .
Maybe fade the circles in and out.
Each popup circle is in a different colour so your messages become confusing as there is a lot of colour in the background.
Keep each circle the same font size / border / position etc.
Maybe try a drop shadow to make the circles stand out

Keep the ‘message’ simple as there is a lot going on in the scene.


Steve Warby

Excellent very creative work
A great example of using this powerful tool, creativity and versatility.

Excelente trabajo muy creativo
Un gran ejemplo del uso de esta poderosa herramienta, creatividad y versatilidad


Why do the facebook and other icon fall through the scene never to return ?

When a User finally works out they need to click and Hold rather than just clicking one of the elements, they may also move off the element too quick.
This will leave the messages on show and the elements like the clouds stay expanded.

The click and swipe was only done by accident for me. I would never have guessed it was there, I was just trying to catch one of the airplanes as it flew past.
Once I did swipe it took me to the left side which showed the airplane arrive on top of the mounting, stop and the fade away. Going to the other side I can see similar.

Once you swipe you cannot get back to the main area and you are stuck going to the far right or left.

The buttons below do not take you to where I think you expect them to but just stutter to a stop…

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Hi! You just listed every bug I am currently working on. I think when I am done I will create an Intro scene that will give brief navigation tips. I am working to fix many of these issues. Thank you for taking the time to look at my project.

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Nice work, @Valkolimark - especially the artwork. Interesting side-scrolling animations, too. The enhancements I would suggest have already been mentioned above. Thanks for sharing! … John

I have done some serious revamping to this project [PROJECT LINK] ( Let me know what you guys think. All critiques and feedback are welcome!

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Nice site! Ifound this by accident: when the truck drives to the left and you click it, the writing is mirrored


I probably should have said this before but although the graphics and animations look good, They leave me guessing at what I am supposed to be seeing.

It is like pouring a box of alphabet bricks on to a table and trying to find ones that make up the words of information :smile:

I have no clue on the business you are give info about but I suspect those that do would struggle to get to the core info you are trying to pass on.

This seems like animations for the sake of animation, which does not give me access to the direct information I would expect to be able to go straight to. About us, Our process, Costs and so on ( what ever is relevant that your customers would look for)

My feeling is you need to simplify the site to a more conventional structure and use the animation only where it helps make the site dynamic in transitions.

The current scene if I do understand it right ( showing the business workflow from the customers to you and the stages the product is dealt with) could be a link from a navigation menu on ‘our process’ .
I would then let the scene animation just play with the info bubbles popping up for a time giving key points.

There is a Conventional site on the back end. This is an animated Page for people to kind of play around on and have fun with. I will install a berger menu for those who wish to get to the meat and potatoes of the site. I am also creating a Pokemon Go Style menu for the left and right grey arrow buttons. This will also aid in navigation as well. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my work. Many of the other posts i have made in the forums are directly related to this piece i have been working on.

I know you guys have seen this several times but i need serious help trying to figure out something.

To navigate this page I have implemented 2 methods.

NAVIGATION METHOD 1: One is a menu system. When you click on the left or right grey menu buttons some spheres will fly out. When any of these spheres are clicked they run a script called “go”

This script digs into the symbol “city” looks for the related time line and runs it. These time lines are relative so when one button is clicked the landscape slides smoothly from one section to the next with no jumping.

NAVIGATION METHOD 2: On the Symbol called “City”, i have set an onDrag event the controls the timeline “slider2”.

Each navigation works correctly in their own right. The Problem is When I mix the two forms of navigation.

For Example:

I click on the grey button for my menu to appear. I select the button gearboxes.

This will take me to this area:

Now if i was to drag the screen to look at another part of the page It jumps all the way back to the beginning:

Possible Solution:

Use the Timeline “slider2” in the symbol called “city”. for everything

I could just go Directly to the Time In Timeline using the menu bubble but I want the slide to happen. I want the landscape to slide smoothly from one area to the next.

What i do not want is the landscape to just jump from point to point.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here is the Test File:


Heheh, No Thoughts Theories or Ideas? :frowning:

It is a pretty complex document, so my best hint without a full understanding is that if you’re using an on drag animation, then you’ll want that to affect the same timeline as the one that affects the navigation buttons. Then the drag will have the same playhead position.

Jonathan, Thats what im thinking. So in order to achieve m desired effect i need to slide from one time on the time line to another. So for example If I am currently at the 2 second mark. When i click the menu to go to the area that is represented at the 8 second mark, onClick or onMouseDown I would like it to slide through the timeline from the 2 second point until i get to the 8 second mark. hahah Brain Explosion.

So the timeline i need to control is slider2 inside the symbol “City”. I will keep plugging away at it.

Ok i Think i solved my problem. As you can see there is no Jump anymore. Link with No Jump