My animation is almost complete but advices still needed

Hi everyone,

I created this small animation which works almost as expected.
By clicking any of the coloured squares, a rectangle with corresponding color shows up in the middle of the scene.
Another click within a given rectangle will rewind the whole sequence.
You can also swipe right to left to animate it.
But there is one thing I have not been able to do.
After a click in the splash screen, let’s say the red one, the timeline red will activate and drive the similar coloured rectangle at the center. At this particular stage, I would like to control by finger, either to go left toward the blue one or right to the green one.
Hopefully, everything is clear. I am not sure I used the proper technic to achieve this behaviour. (20.8 KB)

Many thanks in advance.

I finally figured how to make it work.

Here is the hype file for those interested.

Just a minor annoyance though.
By selecting either, the red or green square in the splash screen, this triggers the proper scene but the blue rectangle shows up briefly before the right ones. (52.8 KB)

On Scene Load and Enter Viewport actions will be triggered after the scene has transitioned in. We do have a request to have an “On Scene Preload” style action which would be the easiest future way to do this.

Until then, my suggestion for a workaround is that since you are using different scenes anyways, to compose the scene so that it starts on the proper color.

Alternatively you could do an instant scene transition, and have an animation on the target scene “fake” the crossfade.

Thank you very much to share your expertise.