Multiple timelines

Hi, this is driving me nuts! I have a looping rotating animation on my Main timeline and I want to add another image that appears on a second timeline when a button is directed to Start that timeline. This works briefly but the second image flicks off after a few seconds and I have to press the button again. Things get worse when I try to fade that second image in!

I’m sure I’m missing something basic here on my timeline set-up. I have looked at the demo available on controlling a second timeline but that doesn’t help.
Any ideas welcome.

a document would be a good thing to share also. :wink: so we can see what’s happening.

I would probably move the looping action to its own timeline so that you’re not restarting the main timeline. You can start any timeline from the Main timeline by adding a “timeline action” in the timeline window. (I suspect you know this as you’ve “looped” an animation using this approach)

Thanks for the reply - I have solved it now by adding Start Timeline action on the Main Timeline and Got to Time in Timeline in the separate timeline. Plus I have added a separate button to control the second animation.

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fair enough. In future if you have any probs like this then share a document so people can see the logic and offer solutions based on it. :wink:


Will do