Multiple Timelines One for each animation

Is it possible to have multiple timelines, one for each animation/group?

For example, if I have two animations in one scene, I want to pause one animation for a few second.

I have really tried but I cant figure it out.

Please help me.

as i'm not 100% clear of your wishes ...

one possible solution may be to use hypes API which has


if this check will return true you can act and pause another timeline ... and continue after a time

I would really need one timeline for each animation, One timeline dedicated to each animation in the same scene. As I see it now there is only one timeline with multiple actions in a row for each scene. The reson I need this is a bit complicated.

I want to use this function for easy change and new export of text messages in a banner. I am not a programmer:)

When I make a new text message in my banner I will export a new file from Tumult Hype.

sry, it seems i'm really not aware of what you're asking :frowning:

perhaps providing a samplefile may help others too

btw. you know that there can be multiple timelines within a scene/symbol¿

You have multiple timelines even relative timeline (meaning the start position for properties isn't fixed).

① Manage existing timeline, change duration or set them relative
② Add, duplicate or remove timelines
③ You can also access timeline switching here and add new timelines


Thank you for all the answers.

If I have two objects a cat and a dog that i moving with animation. Can I set a timeline for the dog and pause that timeline at a certain time, while the animation timeline for the cat continues?
Is it possible to use timeline this way, two different timelines?

I am sorry for the trouble, I am a beginner I guess:)

You can create new timelines ① and then select the timeline ② that needs to influence another timeline. There you can use timeline actions ③ or you can use user interactions like buttons ④ to trigger one or more timelines- That you would do by stacking actions in the action's inspector ⑤.

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Here is a Demo of some of the things @MaxZieb was talking about above: (20.3 KB)

There are three different timelines in this Demo. The "Main Timeline" and one each for the "Dog" & "Cat". Clicking the "Start" button runs both the "Cat" & "Dog" timelines. The "Cat" timeline runs for 2 seconds straight away; but the "Dog" timeline has a pause in it at the one second mark. At that point a button appears that says "Continue Dog". Clicking on the button continues the "Dog" timeline.

When the "Dog" timeline is complete another button ("Reset All") appears that will reset all timelines back to their initial position of "0" seconds.


Same idea as @JimScott. :stuck_out_tongue: (30.1 KB)

The main timeline, which always auto-starts, controls everything.
It starts here by moving the "Dog" into the scene, then at 00.01.00 it starts AND the dog timeline AND the cat timeline.

Examine these 'Cat * Dog' timelines and you will see they have a "continue" timeline function both at the beginning and the end. The end function tells the timeline to move backward though.

Back to the main timeline, it starts at 00.01.15 the 'wisktail' timeline.

At 00.06.00 it PAUSES (stops) the dog timeline, then moves the dog visual back down, and then at 00.09.00 the reset button appears into the view.

This last is done by animating the visibility of the button on a separate timeline: