Multiple Clicks Needed

I’m noticing the weirdest thing on our site and I wonder how long its been like this. Some of my symbols that trigger movements are taking multiple clicks to activate? sometime I have to click the forward arrow like 4 times before something happens!!
Why would that be happening?

Hi Jon!

The books look great!

I have had no issues with clicking the arrows (page advance, back), or other clickable selections: Desktop~Safari & Chrome. Also resized the browser window during my brief testing - no problema.

Haven’t the time to check my iPad right now.

It happens for me too, sometimes 2 clicks, 1 click, or 4 clicks. Not sure why??? (Safari 10.1 (12603. )

No problems here either OSX 9.5 safari 9.1.3

the filessize of the pictures are surely to big … more then needed.
And there does not seem to be a preload.
all in all this tends up in waiting on first load … when cached works fine here …

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